Composition of the Council

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Term of office from 1. 4. 2021 to 26. 1. 2025
Term of office from 29. 3. 2023 to 28. 3. 2029

Election of members 
The Council has nine members, who are elected and dismissed by the National Council after a public hearing of the candidates. Proposals for candidates for members of the Council may be submitted to the relevant committee of the National Council by professional institutions and civil associations active in the area of media, culture, science, education or sport, registered churches and religious societies and civil associations of citizens with disabilities through the advisory body of the Government of the Slovak Republic on the issue of citizens with disabilities.

The Council shall elect the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the Council from among its members.

Membership of the Council and remuneration for membership
A natural person who is of full age, has full legal capacity and is of good repute may be elected as a member of the Council. The office of a member of the Council shall be incompatible with the office of President of the Slovak Republic, Member of the National Council, Member of the European Parliament, Member of the Government of the Slovak Republic, State Secretary, Chairman, Head or Director of another central government body and its statutory representative, Secretary General of a service office of a Ministry or other central government body.

A member of the Council shall not hold a position in a political party or a political movement, speak on their behalf or act for their benefit, be a publisher of a periodical publication, a broadcaster, a retransmission operator, a provider of an audiovisual media service on demand, a provider of a video-sharing platform or a member of the statutory body, governing body, control body or statutory body of such persons.

The position of a member of the Council is a public function. The office of Chairman of the Council is incompatible with any other employment or similar work relationship; this restriction shall not apply to scientific, teaching, journalistic, literary or artistic activities.

Term of office and termination of membership
The term of office of a member of the Council is six years. The same person may be elected as a member of the Council for a maximum of two terms.

A new member of the Council shall be elected to fill a vacancy occurring on the expiry of the term of office. A Council member whose term of office has expired shall remain a member of the Council until a new Council member is elected to take their place. 

Membership of the Council shall not be held by a proxy.